House Extension Design Ideas For Modern Homes

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A nicely planned house extension can improve the visual and functional quality of any modern home by leaps and bounds. People are always looking for ways to add and alter their existing homes to accommodate more space, more utilities and facilities. Here are 4 of the most common reasons homeowners opt for a house extension:

  • They want to alter an existing property bought at a good price.
  • Needing more space accommodation for a growing family resulting in a bed room, dining room or even a kitchen extension.
  • Wanting to make an existing house more energy efficient.
  • Wanting to modernize the house’s aesthetic to add to its resale value.

Moreover, a good extension can completely transform not only the spatial quality of your home, it can also improve your lifestyle. From car porch additions to entire attic overlays, there are a number of ways you can design extensions for your house. There are millions of ways you can alter, improve and upgrade your homes functional and aesthetic integrity. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some house extension ideas for modern homes.

5 House extension design ideas for your homes

1. Conservatory Extension
A conservatory – also known as a sunroom or a solarium – is an individual space that is either integrated or attached to a primary building. It is one of the most common house extension design ideas and are mostly used to add a multipurpose space inside a home. It usually consists of an entire wall made of glass and is awesome for regions that see harsh winters. A conservatory is usually designed in an orientation that emulates the most sunlight. It can be used as a living room extension, a family room, an office space or even an indoor veranda.

If you want a conservatory that is four seasonal – i.e. can be used all year round – then you can install climate control HVAC and energy efficient glass. This is definitely a versatile extension idea and will surely add to the pragmatic as well as visual value of your home.

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2. Attic Extension
Attic extensions usually entail adding another story to your house. Depending on the climatic condition and the vernacular building style of your region, it can either be a gabled or flat-roof addition. Attic extensions are used to add a more extensive floor area ratio to the home and need extensive structural analysis before they can be even started. This kind of a house extension design is very common these days, and is mostly seen in existing properties that have been bought at a good price but need to be spruced up.

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3. Patio Extension
A patio extension is usually used to add to the aesthetics of a modern house design. Depending on your budget and tastes, you can either opt for a pavilion, a veranda or even a pergola-ed patio. You can even go for a roofless glass-walled style enclosure if you’re looking for something unique and avant-garde. The basic idea is to improve the quality of the outdoor space so this kind of a house extension design usually requires some landscaping to complement the new construction as well.

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4. Kitchen Extension
The kitchen is supposed to be the most ergonomic space inside a home. It not only acts as a central location – the hub – of your home, but it also accommodates a number of family gatherings and ventures. Therefore, when it comes to planning a house extension design for your kitchen, you must always be extra careful.

You must carefully plan the functional aspects of the space without compromising the visuals. Need more counter space? Make sure the aisle in front is a requisite 4 feet minimum. Want a kitchen island? Do not compromise on the economy of the space. Want an adjoining outdoor barbeque area? Make sure you create firm but transparent indoor-outdoor barriers between the two spaces.

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5. Terrace/Balcony Extension
In order to fully utilize the potential views from your property, it is imperative that you invest in either a nice terrace or a balcony. This type of a house extension design calls for some extensive appraisals. Firstly, you have to figure out what parts of your home have the potential to provide the best views outside. If it’s from a public area of your home like the living room, then you can opt for a large terrace to maximize and utilize those views. However, if it’s from a private space like a bedroom then you better opt for a cozy, glassed-up balcony.

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Extending your home can be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made and these are some of the most popular and in-demand house extension designs that people invest in.

Considering building a house extension? Read this first.

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The motivations to make enlargements and improvements in a house can be for a wide range of reasons. It can be a property that was acquired for a reasonable price but needs renovation and expansion. Or maybe the family has grown and demands more house space.

Maybe one or two extra rooms, or a bigger kitchen or living room.
Perhaps the motivation is to revalue the house or modernize it, replacing simple materials with more complex ones.

If you want to increase your homes space and create a better living environment while adding value to your property a house extension is the way to go.

However, you have to remember that house extensions and several other changes to a property may require specific authorizations like a certificate of compliance and planning permissions.

I’m thinking of extending, do I need planning permission?

Maybe not, let us explain how things work regarding planning permissions in Ireland.

For small extensions at the rear of your house that are less than 40 square meters in floor area and are not higher than the original house, you don´t need planning permission. Bear in mind that the 40 square meter threshold includes the combined extension space for all extensions to the original house’s footprint.

For extensions on the front or side of your house or for large house extensions at the rear of the house where the extension is more than 40 square meters, you will need planning permission.

If I do need planning, how long will it take?

From the time you apply, typically about 8-10 weeks.

What are certificates of compliance?

If your house extension involves any structural changes, you must get a certificate of compliance.

This certificate must be obtained before the actual building work starts as it involves several site inspections and can be provided by a surveyor, architect or another suitably qualified person with the correct indemnity insurance.

And remember that to get a mortgage for the extension work or to sell your property a certificate of compliance is mandatory.

And finally some last considerations about building a house extension.

Take your time, think carefully about your space needs and hire the services of a professional company. We at ADBS are here to help and not only can we manage the whole planning application process on your behalf but can also produce a carefully designed extension.