Attic Conversions

Attic Conversions: As families grow, there’s often a need to increase the living space and moving to a bigger house might seem the logical option, but if you are happy with your current home why move?

The solution to this problem may be closer than you think… just move up! Why waste all that unused space in your attic?

Attic Conversions
Attic Conversions Dublin
Attic Conversions Dublin Ireland

Attic Conversions have long ceased to be the ugly ducklings of construction. They are now considered as an integral part of the living space of the house, functioning as extra divisions or even as independent housing (studio type).

An attic conversion will provide you the extra living space you desire without the hassle and unnecessary expense of having to move and without having to give up any outside area that a similar space expansion requires.

With lot’s of character due to the roof shape, better views, and more direct sunlight throughout the day, the attic can be the ideal location for a guest room, a new bedroom, bathroom, home office, gym, playroom, entertainment room or any residential use you can think of.

Renovating vertically is the easiest way to develop pre-existing square footage into suitable living spaces and if done correctly by qualified professionals, can increase the value of a property 

Contact us, and we will carefully consider your space needs and related design specifications.

Projected to blend seamlessly with your home’s overall design, our attic conversion can unlock all the hidden potential of your house, creating a brand new space to live, work or play. We know that every project is different, and that is why our services are tailored to your specific needs. We will work with you through every step of the process, to create your desired attic conversion on budget, on time and with minimal disturbance of your daily routine.