House Extensions in Dublin

There are many different types of House Extensions in Dublin available to home owners. Whether you are looking for a bigger kitchen or simply more living space for your family, an extension is a versatile way of gaining more space. Before you decide on design and construction aspects plan what your budget will be and allow a contingency for any unexpected issues that may occur. Meet with your Architectural Technician to decide on what type and size of extension you can get for your budget. Your Architectural Technician will then draw up plans to maximise the use of the space of your extension to properly suit your needs.

It is said that on average 8 in 10 people in Ireland would consider extending their home in some way. When most people consider House Extensions in Dublin they generally choose kitchen or living room extensions to the rear of their properties. Well designed House Extensions can transform any home by maximizing the floor-plan and adding value.

For most people the need for House Extensions can be for any variety of reasons:

  • A smaller home bought for a good price that needs extending and renovation.
  • To give much needed living space for a growing family; a bigger kitchen, extra bedroom or a bigger bathroom.
  • To modernise and increase the value of an older home.

Adding House Extensions to your home may be one of the best decisions you and your family will ever make but it can also be a stressful time. This is when having a good Architectural Technician will be of benefit to you. They will take the stress and strain out of planning House Extensions and can oversee the project from start to finish.

small house extension design

Popular types of House Extensions in Dublin

The most used room in any house is the usually always the kitchen. It is often described as the heart of the any home and most of us dream of having a bigger and more functional kitchen. Whether this be an open plan kitchen and living area or simply more space and storage in your existing kitchen, House extensions are the way to achieve this. It can be a large scale extension or a small add on but it will give you family exactly what it needs. You can also go all out with House Extensions and really give your home that Wow factor.

As our family grow and mature the need for an extra bedroom come up quite often. House Extensions are a great way of solving this problem. Whether it be for a growing teenager or an older relative, bedroom House Extensions are designed to meet the specific needs of your family. They can be designed with or without bathrooms and are perfect for those with mobility issues. If you need to have a parent or grandparent living with you
House Extensions can allow you to have your loved ones close to you but still allow them to have their own privacy and independence.

Attic Conversions
This is another option for growing families that may not have the outside space for ground floor House Extensions in Dublin. An attic conversion can be used as an extra bedroom, living room, a play room or office space for those that work from home. It may seem that your attic is not big enough for House Extensions but speaking to your Architectural Technician can show the amazing things that can be done with a smaller space.

To find out the best type of House Extensions in Dublin to suit your specific needs, talk you your Architectural Technician today. You will be pleasantly surprised by what is available you, as there are so many different types of House Extensions in Dublin to suit every budget.