kitchen extensions

Kitchen Extensions: Modern day living is increasingly requiring a change to traditional layouts and spaces. The kitchen is now starting to be the place we spend most of our time in, the heart of the home where we cook, eat, entertain and relax.

Having a functional space that can successfully meet all of these demands is difficult, especially in older houses so sometimes, to have that “dream kitchen” we always wanted, one must consider building a kitchen extension.

Do you need extra space in your kitchen?

Maybe you want to extend the work area with an island, or perhaps you need a larger dining area. Whatever the reason, do not postpone the possibility of Kitchen Extensions or remodeling your kitchen and have a brand new space, that will be perfect not just to prepare your meals but also to relax or entertain family and friends.

We know that space doesn´t grow by magic, and some construction may be necessary, but it’s not at all impossible to expand the kitchen area, even if it’s required to give up some space in another environment.

A frequent problem that homeowners and architects face when renovating and remodeling a house is the excessive partitioning of its interior. Before it was common to have the kitchen, dining, and living room compartments, but with the new trends in interior design, these barriers tend to disappear to make room for more open spaces with integrated functionalities.

Expanding the kitchen is not an impossible task, it just requires some goodwill and an excellent planning of the intended layout. Getting the correct design right from the start will often save costly amends over the course of the build process as well as ensuring your new kitchen is both beautiful and functional.

Contact us, and we will carefully consider your space needs and related design specifications.

Whatever Kitchen plans you may have in mind, we will work with you on developing your idea designing a space that is right for your needs. After helping you explore all layout and design possibilities, we can undertake your kitchen renovation or extension from start to finish in a matter of weeks and with minimal fuss or disturbance.

The kitchen remodeling projects executed by ADBS include Kitchen extensions, custom kitchens, ergonomic kitchens and more.

These are some examples of the different styles of kitchens that we execute, always with the care of giving the space its own personality and make it perfect and functional as you always wanted.