Roof Windows

With proven health and environmental benefits, natural daylight is a highly desirable feature in any build, as it dramatically decreases the need for electrical light sources.

Installing a Roof Window is an effective way of illuminating a dark or restricted space, as well as being a great design feature.

Vastly used in modern construction, a Roof Window allows natural daylight to enter and illuminate the interior space, provides a view to the outside while also offering ventilation, helping transform attics, house extensions and other rooms into comfortable living spaces.

Another creative way of incorporating daylight into your home improvement projects is the use of a specially designed tunnel that passes from the roof to the ceiling, called the Sun Tunnel.

Sun Tunnels are designed to provide natural light into small spaces such as hallways, stairwells, bathrooms, laundry rooms, under pitched roofs or other tight spaces, where installation of a roof window is not possible.

With building space at a premium, the popularity of Roof Windows is on the rise across the residential sector, as this is the most cost-effective method of maximizing spaces that might otherwise be wasted due to the lack of natural daylight and fresh air.

Why not invest in your property by having your Roof Windows installed by our qualified professionals?

We provide stylish, efficient and secure Roof Windows installations. Whether you are making a full attic conversion, extending your house or just wanting to bring in more natural light into your home, we can help.