Stoves & Radiators

Stoves & Radiators: A Wood-burning stove is a safe and modern heating solution, which allows associating the pleasure of the fire with a reliable and efficient heating performance.

Unlike other conventional heating systems, your stove doesn´t have to be confined and hidden away and will provide a warming focal point giving while out heat to the room.

With a wide variety of models from the more traditional to more contemporary forms and easy to install, they can be a key element in any decoration.

This heating mode represents a genuinely ecological and economical alternative to more traditional energy sources.

You can even warm your entire home with a Wood-burning boiler stove connected throughout the house to radiators, for central heating.

Our range of stylish top performance designer stoves & radiators are designed to satisfy all functional and aesthetic demands of your home’s decoration. Because they can be connected into your heating system as a replacement for regular radiators, this can be a great practical and decorative option to enhance the look and feel of any room.

Wood-burning boiler stoves with radiator central heating solutions are an easy and efficient way to keep your house warm while also saving on heating and electricity bills.

We offer an advice and consultation service to ensure you have the right fireplace, stove or design radiators to fulfill your home’s heating needs, with style.